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House in Petersburg ,Petersburg Vacation Rentals
Historic "General Store" Lodging, near the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter$0 / Nightly | $0 / Weekends | $0 / WeeklyThe Odd Fellows Building, once the Petersburg General Store was built in 1913 using bricks of the old town distillery. The original elevator used to bring goods up from 72b5e99e-672d-4056-a992-0b0faff7943b.1.6
The Captain's Quarters - Historic guest home for the whole family!$0 / Nightly | $0 / Weekends | $0 / WeeklyComing soon! Beautifully restored, guest home in Petersburg, Kentucky overlooking the majestic Ohio River. Built in the 1850's this was once the home of riverboat captain e079f067-b976-4d4f-81a0-164e05004a11.1.6
Lovely "House on the Corner", near the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter$0 / Nightly | $0 / Weekends | $0 / WeeklyThis house sits on the corner in between the Bank and the Cottage. Also, it's catycorner across the street from the General Store. There's a full size bed plus a bunk e7b0836e-0686-4d92-97f5-f1ab1d510483.1.6